Toy Aussiedoodles: (2024) Breed Info, Pictures & Tips

If you have already decided that you want to get a toy Aussiedoodle for yourself, then it is time to know more about them! Getting pets to your home is a big decision and sometimes it requires more than just research.

You need to know how they look, what is the method of feeding them, how to groom them, what their health lineage looks like, and similar others.

But you might have a question, are toy aussiedoodles good family dogs?

Today we are going to deep dive and help you with more information about this breed. The toy aussiedoodle is a cross between a miniature poodle and an Australian shepherd. So, when you see the breed, it looks cute but at the same time has got rough features as well.

Did you know that this breed is often referred to as the “designer breed” as well?

This is because they are often bred intentionally to match the requirements of the clients. They are quite an ancient breed and hence have been popular for the longest time now. However, maintaining them can be a little difficult and expensive too.

History Of This Breed

This breed originated in the twentieth century and is an end result of intentional breeding. The aim while breeding the two variants was to end up creating a breed that is a smaller version of the Aussiedoodle.

However, it was essential to maintain the intelligence and loyalty of the original version. The toy aussiedoodle full grown is still quite small in size and this is where it gets the name from as well.


As we have already mentioned, this breed looks quite stylish and they are high-maintenance dogs with beautiful coats.  The mix between the two variants is one of the major reasons why it gets such charming good looks.

Want to know more about them? Let’s find out with a list of a few questions you might have on your mind.

toy aussiedoodle full grown

What is the size of a toy aussiedoodle?
  • This breed size is rather small and hence they do not grow much. Their height typically ranges from 10 – 14 inches. They also reach their maximum growth potential by the time they reach the age of 12 months. The weight is usually between 10 pounds to 20 pounds.
 What Does the Coat of a Toy Aussiedoodle Look Like?
toy Aussiedoodle
  • Breeders have always focused that the end result of the breeding is a variant that looks spectacular. Hence the coat is quite amazing. The coat type can be straight as well as wavy. The color usually varies between :
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Blue Merle
  • Red Merle
What Are the Facial Features?

This breed looks more like a cute teddy bear with innocent facial features. The eyes are expressive and the muzzle is not too short or long. The body built of the toy aussiedoodle is also quite sturdy which represents the structure of the Australian Shepherd.


Another very common question that most pet parents have is are toy aussiedoodles good dogs. They are extremely intelligent and highly adaptable which makes them the perfect family dog.

Not only that, they tend to learn very quickly and hence can benefit greatly from obedience training as well. The nature of the dog is extremely loving and docile and they are often used as therapy dogs as well.

Are Toy Aussiedoodles Good With Children?

 Yes, they are extremely great with children. They have a playful nature and will not hurt your little ones at all. The protective nature will keep your children safe as well.

The temperament of the toy aussiedoodle is great and hence they make up to be the perfect dogs for your home. You can train them and they will be a great therapy provider as well. However, early socialization and training are important.

toy aussiedoodle


Nature is extremely docile and friendly. This makes it the perfect family dog and a good companion for your children.

So they can be categorized as a good family dogs!

Health Status

toy Aussiedoodle


Next, we come to health which is quite alright and does not need a lot of attention other than the basics. Start to get them under regular veterinary checkups from the time they are puppies. 

Always ensure you do not miss any of the appointment schedules which can be very important for their overall health. Some of the important areas are:

What are the common diseases that a Toy Aussiedoodle might have?

The genetic predisposition of the dog is such that there is a tendency to contract some common diseases. These include

  • hip dysplasia
  • cataract
  • epilepsy
  • progressive retinal atrophy and similar others.
Are they prone to having eye problems?
  • Yes, just like the case with other variants of crossbreeds, they are also prone to get eye diseases. Some of these are collie eye anomalies and hence it is important to keep them under constant supervision. Make sure that if there are any symptoms, take them to the vet at the earliest.

Dietary Requirements of A Toy Aussiedoodle

The food preferences of your dog will completely depend on what you choose to feed them and what the size is.

If you want to feed them commercial food, then it is important to get one that is balanced in all the right dietary fibers. Ask your vet to get the right guidance.

You need to control the portion as they have a tendency to gain weight very easily. Make sure that when you give them treats, they should also be in a limited portion.

The right measure is to give them a treat that contributes to about 10% of their body weight.

Grooming and Maintenance

toy aussiedoodle


Finally, we come to the grooming and maintenance of your toy aussiedoodle which is equally important. The coat is quite heavy and hence it is common for them to gain teaks and fleas if not maintained in the right way.

You might be wondering do toy aussiedoodle shed?

Well, yes they do shed however this is usually during the shedding season which is during the summer. Some of the easy ways to maintain your dog is:

  • Brushing – Always remember to brush your furry friend at least twice a day. They have a lot of coat hair and this can lead to a lot of hair tangling.
  • Bathing – They do not need to be bathed regularly. However, make sure that you bathe them at least once a week, especially during the summer.
  • Coat Trimming – A full-grown toy Aussie doodle has got a lot of coat hair and hence it is important to trim them to keep it manageable. Usually, you need to trim the hair around the eyes so that they do not have any problems seeing.
  • Nail Trimming – Nail trimming is important; hence, you need to trim the same at least once a month. Try to get help from professionals if you cannot manage it alone.
  • Ear Care – Usually they have floppy ears and hence it can be difficult to clean their ears. Check the ear if there is any kind of redness or excessive earwax. Use a clean swab and clean it with precision.



Finding Reputable Toy Aussiedoodle Breeders

Well, by now if you have made up your mind about getting one of these breeds then finding a reputable trustworthy breeder is very important. Not all breeders are the same. So, you should consider a few points before you hop into the store.

First of all, it is very handy to research online about your nearest breeders. And if you found one, It’s a good idea to go through their customer reviews and their history.

More likely you will get a better understanding of the breeder products.  Try to seek help from trusted sources like local dog clubs, or veterinarians who have better insight.

Also, it’s a good idea to check the breeder’s information available online. It could be their website or local vet forums You can research their breeding practices, health testing protocols, and the care they provide to their dogs.

Toy Aussiedoodle


Trusted breeders are more likely happy to share all the insight information to the public transparently. Ask a question in a forum, someone might be their customer before you. They can share their experience with the breeder.

Whenever you find your potential breed provider, ask them for the health evaluation document of the dog breed. Serious breeders conduct regular tests and checkups for hip dysplasia, eye disease, or genetic disorders that might have in the dog.

Questions to Ask Before Adopting:

Its always a good idea you prepare a list of questions before you visit the breeding center physically. You can ask about their breeding goals, socialization, and their experience breeding the toy Aussie doodle.

And one more thing, don’t forget to ask them about their support after purchase includes trainings, ongoing care, nutrition advice, and health guarantees


  • What is the dog’s background? Ask about the dog’s history, including any known medical issues, previous living conditions, and the reason for surrender or rescue.
  • What is the dog’s personality, energy level, and any specific traits that may require special attention or training?
  • Ask about the dog’s previous training and socialization experiences to determine their level of obedience and comfort in various environments.
  • Inquire about any behavioral or medical issues the dog may have, such as separation anxiety, fearfulness, or chronic health conditions.
  • What support is provided post-adoption?

Remember, adopting a Toy Aussiedoodle is a commitment that requires time, effort, and love. By finding a reputable breeder or adopting from a rescue organization, you are providing a loving home to a wonderful companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are a hypoallergenic breed of dog.

Q2. Do Toy Aussiedoodle Shed A Lot?

They are usually low-shedding dogs however there is no dog breed that does not shed at all. They are usually shed during the summer season.

Q3.  Are toy aussiedoodle good dogs?

Yes, as we have already mentioned they are great dogs for those who want to get them for therapy or family purposes. They are good dogs and with the right training can change into great dogs.

Q4. How big do toy aussiedoodle get?

They will not get very big and they are usually extremely compact with a maximum weight of 15 kg. But the body build does look quite sturdy.

Q5. Toy Aussiedoodle Price?

The price varies between $1500 to $3000. However, the exact amount depends on the lineage of the dog you get and what the breeder has spent on the dog already. Usually, for a good bloodline, you have to pay on the higher end.

Q6. How Long Does Toy Aussiedoodle Live?

If you maintain the health and living conditions of your little fur friend, then it can easily live for a minimum of 10 to 15 years. There are several factors like genetics, maintenance, bloodline, and health of the dog that decides how long they will live.

If you are looking for a small dog that can live in your apartment, this is a good option. With a little bit of maintenance and upkeep, these dogs are the perfect family companion that you need. You can train them well too with a little bit of effort.

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